Synapse Studios featured on Fox 10 (Local Phoenix) News

Synapse Studios is interviewed by Fox 10 Arizona for a local news segment on the “app economy” surrounding custom software development in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Olark: Live Chat Made Amazing (and Simple!)

Whilst in the throes of exploring my favorite airfare booking site (Hipmunk), I noticed their live chat tool looked a little… different. It was bouncy, fun, and unassuming. Turns out, they use Olark: by far the most impressive live chat tool I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Olark is absolutely simple to integrate: a [...]

Where Google+ Goes From Here

Google’s Plus represents their best effort in the social networking space. So what do they need to do to really lock things down?

Better Group (And Personal) Password Management with KeePass & Dropbox

Managing multiple passwords within a group while maintaining security, good practices, and synchronization can be a challenge. We explore our utilization of a program called KeePass and a file-sharing system called Dropbox to help manage passwords.

Just another day in a Skype room with programmers…

Skype is a great internal tool for managing projects and chatting with team members. Sometimes to hilarious result.

Amazon S3 Versioning, Multi-Factor Authentication Now Available

Amazon reveals their newest addition to their S3 service: Versioning and multi-factor authentication.

Facebook vs. Twitter Clickthroughs: More Bang For Your Buck

We look at clickthrough rates from Twitter and Facebook and see how they compare.

TweetNotebook: Custom Notebooks Filled With Your Tweets

TweetNotebook prints notebooks filled with the wisdom of your tweets, right in the footer.

Google Speed Tracer Makes AJAX Optimization Easier

Google announced their Speed Tracer profiling tool to allow developers to better analyze performance problems in their web applications.

Starting Simple: Launching with the Minimum Viable Product

Venture Hacks has a great interview with serial entrepreneur Eric Ries that discusses the value of launching a startup with the “minimum viable product”: basically, the absolute most barebones product you can launch with while still being able to appropriately gauge customer interest, to avoid the common pitfall of spending months developing an idea only [...]