Better Memory Management Tools for Web Apps Coming Soon

Developing a “web 2.0″ application brings with it a host of new challenges previously unfelt or easily ignored with older, single-page-load-per-action apps. The browser has evolved from a simple page renderer to an application platform that busily executes JavaScript and receives, parses, and displays loads of new data without ever leaving the page. Developers are [...]

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Design firm Squidspot has published a very cool and useful Periodic Table of Typefaces. They’re grouped roughly by “family” and “class” groupings, and ranked roughly based on their popularity from several different font ranks, though they’re loosely grouped in order to enforce the aesthetics of the table. This will be very useful for anyone trying [...]

Track Twitter Unfollows and See Who Thinks You’re Boring with Qwitter

Use Qwitter to see who stops following you on Twitter. Simple as pie.

50 Tips To A User Friendly Website

I posted about the Designing Interactive usability blog a few months back. Josh Walsh at D-I has compiled a nice list of 50 tips to a user-friendly website that you should definitely check out. I agree with almost all of them, like Clicking on the logo should take you to the home pageā€”this has become [...]

Cut Through The Twitter Crap with Filttr: A Quick Review

We take a quick look at Twitter aggregator

Ridiculous CAPTCHA Is Ridiculous, Requires Character Map

So we’ve all seen our fair share of ridiculous CAPTCHAs. I’ve seen ones that require you to only enter the letters with the cats on them, or I’ve seen near undiscernable ones. And if you’ve ever listened to the audio CAPTCHA provided by Google, it’s like the disembodied voice of Satan himself beckoning you to [...]

Recreational Reading: Designing Interactive, A User Interface Blog

Twitter helps me find a great user experience/user interface blog.

Stack Overflow: Ask Metafilter For Programmers

Stack Overflow is a great new programming Q&A web site meant to help users cut through the clutter and find the answers they need.

8 Great Free Icon Packs for Web Developers

It’s surprising how effective a couple of great icons can be. They add polish to an application and really ties the room together, so to speak. And while some applications really need a consistent look-and-feel and thus, custom icons for every single course of action, a lot of the time, there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel. Especially when there are royalty-free, attractive icons available in convenient, aesthetically-homogenous packs. Mmm, icon packs.

Web Analytics/Hit Tracking Done Right With Clicky

We take a quick look at an impressive web analytics tool we’ve been making use of recently: Clicky..