Fun in Source Code with Off And Away

A look at travel site Off and Away’s source code reveals that everyone sneaks in fun lines in their source code from time to time.

Amazon S3 Versioning, Multi-Factor Authentication Now Available

Amazon reveals their newest addition to their S3 service: Versioning and multi-factor authentication.

Extending PHP 5.3 Closures with Serialization and Reflection

Our developer examines Closures in PHP 5.3

Google Speed Tracer Makes AJAX Optimization Easier

Google announced their Speed Tracer profiling tool to allow developers to better analyze performance problems in their web applications.

Better Memory Management Tools for Web Apps Coming Soon

Developing a “web 2.0″ application brings with it a host of new challenges previously unfelt or easily ignored with older, single-page-load-per-action apps. The browser has evolved from a simple page renderer to an application platform that busily executes JavaScript and receives, parses, and displays loads of new data without ever leaving the page. Developers are [...]

Lunascape Multi-Rendering-Engine Browser Review: Verdict—Three Trick Pony

We take a look at Lunascape: a new browser that allows users to switch their rendering engine on the fly.

Is PHP 5.3 Terminal? Well, It’s Getting One For Namespaces

A language lives and dies by how easy it is for a person to express something within that language. But the ease in expression is much like the type I and type II error rate in a statistical test: as you adjust one to be nearer to where you want it to be, the other [...]

Stack Overflow: Ask Metafilter For Programmers

Stack Overflow is a great new programming Q&A web site meant to help users cut through the clutter and find the answers they need.

Hug A Developer…

Hug a developer today. Here’s why.

Project Management Tips from the Developer’s Point of View

Brandon discusses some helpful principles of project management, from the developer’s point of view.