Eat, Drink, Breathe and Sleep Web Dev: How To Get Hired At A Web Firm

What’s it take to get hired and to stand out in our field? That’s easy: passion and an insane thirst to better yourself every step of the way at this stuff.

Create Favicons for your Website with Free Utilities for Fun and Profit

Build a favicon for your website. Or just learn what a favicon is. (Hint: it’s the graphic that appears next to our site address.) It’s free and easy and you need to have one.

Free Software and Open Source Alternatives to Save You Money

The development for open source software is strong and growing. Open source software is software in which the source code is publicly available for examination or contribution. If you talk to a typical person or business you’ll usually find that their computers are all running Windows and have Microsoft Office installed. Some may even have more expensive software installed like the Adobe Creative Suite applications. By buying and using such high-priced software, it is easy to shell out two or three times as much money on software than on your computer system. There is a lot of money that can be saved by utilizing free and open source software.

Let’s look at a few of the free and open source applications that can save you money.

Handling State in Multiple Windows and Flaky Connections

Maintaining state in multiple instances of a browser can cause unwanted side effects. The common solution is to rely on Ajax, but making use of Ajax requests in an environment with a flaky network creates further problems, all of which we address after the jump.

Zip Codes in Web Apps: A Tutorial on Validating Cities & Calculating Distance

Edgar takes an up-close look at integrating zip codes into web applications. From data validation to location proximity and more, we *almost* make zip codes fun. Almost.

Why you really, *really* should document your code properly, inside and out

Coders like to code; coders don’t like to write. It’s no secret that thorough and approachable documentation is a rarity in the coding world. Despite its necessity for the adoptability of a given software package, finding good documentation is notoriously difficult. I’ve seen “documentation” consist of a simple phpDocumentor run (Magento anyone). Folks, this is NOT DOCUMENTATION!!! That is a reference guide! Learn what makes for great documentation with Brandon’s handy tips sheet.

Using CSS Sprites to Create Easy Image Rollovers: A Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily use single images and a bit of crafty CSS to create easy image rollovers. You can also use this technique to simplify browser caching of your images by storing multiple images in a single “meta image”, so to speak. (There are some reasons not to do this, though.)