Two-for-one:’s Socially Engineered Replacement Order Scam

Amazon has a shocking gap in their customer service authentication protocol that allows for people to “re-order” your stuff, shipped to them for free, on your behalf.

Newsletter Frequency: Let Users Decide

Email newsletters for retailers do well to offer frequency controls, or risk driving their best customers insane flooding their inboxes.

Nexus One Subsidy Hack: Drop Your Data Plan, Get $100

Google releases their new Nexus One phone and we look at some of the problems with the subsidized price and their checkout process.

Let’s Be Clear: There IS A Page Fold

Some think there is no page fold in web design. But it still matters a great deal what first appears to your users.

Google vs. Facebook Interface Design: Design by “Committee” vs. Baptism by Fire

Facebook capitulates and makes some changes to the new design. Meanwhile, we discuss whether ignoring your users and staying headstrong makes any sense.

10 Things That Suck About The New Facebook

Just eight short months ago, Facebook redesigned the home page for a logged in user. At the time, I bashed on the News Feed, as it made a poor use of whitespace and seemed haphazard and disheveled. Facebook took to repair and tighten the design down a good deal, and I grew to find it [...]

Barnes & Noble Security Question Error Message Mocks You, Your Loved Ones

Barnes & Noble requires a security answer of a certain length; a bit problematic when the answer to the question is shorter than their required minimum.

Google’s AJAX-powered Search Results Break Keyword Tracking

Google is switching to a new query system that’s breaking keyword tracking in almost every analytics tool.

Trusting In The Cloud: A Call For Post-Mortem As Facebook Loses Notification Settings

I first read about Facebook having lost some users’ notification settings on TechCrunch four days ago. This was worrisome to me, but I got sick over the weekend and didn’t have a chance to write about it. Then I got my very own email from Facebook telling me the same: they’ve lost my notification settings [...]

Trusting In The Cloud: The Fallout When Web 2.0 Apps Disappear

I Want Sandy is a small but useful “personal email assistant”—a proactive time management and reminder system that was built to work for you and intelligently help you manage your time. It’s offered for free and it’s one of many time management-type web 2.0 solutions available. Yesterday, its creator Rael Dornfest announced that he would [...]