TechCrunch50 Fail Boat: Yet Another Clone Wins, Innovation Is Dead

TechCrunch50 announced their overall winner today: A corporate-minded clone of Twitter.

Cuil: Search That Sucks or: How NOT To Launch A Search Engine

Search engine startup Cuil came out of stealth this week and we tear into it and look at why they have an uphill battle to climb.

10 Ways to Ensure Your Data is Safe From the Feds

We take a bit of a tongue-in-cheek look at the best ways to ensure your data is safe wherever you go. Just don’t blame us if you get tased by the feds.

You Suck At Programming And I Hate You: Things NEVER To Do In PHP & SQL

In this article, we discuss changes—some simple and some more complex—to the structure of your code that will make your it cleaner, easier to read, and easier to maintain.

Reviewing Facebook’s New Design: A Look At The News Feed

We take a look at Facebook’s redesign and what we think of their new news feed page: two steps backward and for no good reason.

Judgement Call: and the Demise of Morality and Parenting

Browsing through my Google reader today, I came across this article. Apparently, today’s over-sexed, disease-proliferating, premarital-pregnancy-crazed teenage population is in need of the services of a teen dating site. While I attempt to refrain from a violent outburst of profanity-laced verbiage, let me highlight some of the finer points of this site (please remember that [...]

Adventures of a Summer Intern: Volumes II-VII

As I make my second post in this series, we find ourselves deep into the hot, Arizona summer. The weekly posts suggested by Bob faded quickly into bi-monthly posts. So let’s get caught up, shall we? Over the past month there has been a lot of action around here. We’re closing up several smaller projects [...]

Thoughts on E-Government and Open-Source Software

We look at how open source can help government operate more efficiently, more effectively and more accurately.

Collaborative Idiocy: Intrigo and the Wiki-As-A-Company-Website Approach

One of our competitors uses an open Wiki for their company site. We examine why this is a completely flawed, idiotic idea.

Usability & Bill Gates: An Email Rant By Bill

Usability is an extraordinarily powerful characteristic of an application, tool or piece of equipment. (Or, for that matter, anything you “use” at all.) You can build an absolutely amazingly powerful product, but if no one can determine how to use the features you’ve built into it, you might as well not code them at all.