Incoherent Ramblings & Buzzword Science: The Steve Gillmor Story

We look at Steve Gillmor’s incoherent rant on TechCrunch about how a URL-shortening service represents the future of all humanity. Or something.

When dynamic keyword insertion goes wrong: Are *you* craving puppies?

Sometimes dynamic keyword insertion is a powerful tool for your Google AdWords campaign. And sometimes? Sometimes it’s just *really* creepy.

Get your X outta my HTML

As the guys around the office are well aware, I tend to obsess over minor details in our code. Whether it be fixing code to be tabbed properly or renaming variables to better fit naming conventions of a project, the developers hate when I meddle into the codebase. Is it my fault that sometimes I miss a few when I go through and rename variables, functions, methods, etc? Clearly, no. The joys of being the boss.

Why you really, *really* should document your code properly, inside and out

Coders like to code; coders don’t like to write. It’s no secret that thorough and approachable documentation is a rarity in the coding world. Despite its necessity for the adoptability of a given software package, finding good documentation is notoriously difficult. I’ve seen “documentation” consist of a simple phpDocumentor run (Magento anyone). Folks, this is NOT DOCUMENTATION!!! That is a reference guide! Learn what makes for great documentation with Brandon’s handy tips sheet.

VW plans 235mpg car…made out of popsicle sticks..

Ok, so maybe not popsicle sticks, rather magnesium and carbon fiber. Anywho, this prototype is slated for production by 2010..which is quite soon. As always, I am all for getting off our dependency on fossil fuels but I don’t think that ultra efficient cars and alternative fuel sources are going to help all that much.

Cause of the WordPress bug identified

Previously, we discussed a WordPress bug and our temporary workaround for it. I am glad to say that we have identified the root of the problem and have been able to come up with a better solution. Apparently WordPress’ auto-save function is not a fan of a character set of anything other than UTF-8.

Workaround to Gmail Manager Firefox Extension

Ever since we made the switch from hosting our own mail servers to using Google Apps for Domain, one of the Firefox extensions that I use on a daily basis is Gmail Manager. It allows me to easily view the inboxes for various email accounts that I monitor and gives me the ability to quickly launch any of those accounts into a new tab.

A workaround to the WordPress 2.5.1 bug

Recently we upgraded our blog to WordPress 2.5.1 and have been battling a horrible bug ever since. When we save or edit a post most of our content is sometimes lost. Unfortunately, it isn’t occurring with enough frequency for us to track down the specific cause of the problem and we have enough projects lined up over here to keep us from digging through the WordPress code ourselves to solve it in any reasonable time. So we’ve opened up a ticket in WordPress’ bug tracker that outlines the problem in more detail and continue to wait for a response from someone on the dev team to let us know what might be the culprit.