Local Phoenix News Interviews Synapse Studios on Instagram Privacy Policy Changes

Fox 10 Phoenix’s Dan Spindle once again came to Synapse Studios to ask about our take on the Instagram privacy policy debacle. Check out the full segment here:

Should You Switch To Square’s Monthly Plan?

We examine if you should switch to Square’s new monthly payment.

Nexus One Subsidy Hack: Drop Your Data Plan, Get $100

Google releases their new Nexus One phone and we look at some of the problems with the subsidized price and their checkout process.

TweetNotebook: Custom Notebooks Filled With Your Tweets

TweetNotebook prints notebooks filled with the wisdom of your tweets, right in the footer.

Google Speed Tracer Makes AJAX Optimization Easier

Google announced their Speed Tracer profiling tool to allow developers to better analyze performance problems in their web applications.

Google’s AJAX-powered Search Results Break Keyword Tracking

Google is switching to a new query system that’s breaking keyword tracking in almost every analytics tool.

Amazon Explains S3 Outage: Gossip Kills

Amazon explains what caused their S3 outage last week.

Problems In The Cloud: Amazon S3 & SQS Down

Amazon S3 is down so we take a look at the cloud and what it means when your customer sees your site go down and it’s really, truly not your fault.

Firebug Working Group Created; John Resig Joins It

John Resig announces the creation of the Firebug Working Group, and that he’ll be spending 50% of his Mozilla time on Firebug development.

Thoughts on E-Government and Open-Source Software

We look at how open source can help government operate more efficiently, more effectively and more accurately.