HTML 5: New features, tags, attributes and what else to expect (in about a decade)

HTML 5 is coming, at some point. So we look far down the road and explore some of the features it will bring us. When it finally gets here. 10 or so years from now.

ICANN Kills Domain Tasting, Opens Up Any TLD (.*)

ICANN squashed the ability to taste domains for free and opened up TLD registration.
.synapse can now be ours, for the small price of nearly half a million bucks.

GigaOM Talks to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos about Amazon Web Services

GigaOM caught up with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos at the D6 conference this week. A lot of people on Wall Street have been struggling to make the somewhat obvious connection between Amazon as a retailer and Amazon as a web service provider. The background to the concept is really pretty self-evident: Amazon needed to develop amazing tools for their own internal scalability and data management needs and in doing so, determined they could scale those tools, make them available to developers for their own applications and commoditize the marketplace.

Magento: A New Open Source Shopping Cart Solution

A good amount of shopping these days is done online, but any developer knows that creating eCommerce websites is not a simple or mundane task. To cook up your own solution can take months of designing, coding, testing and headaches and there is no guarantee that you, your client, or your client’s customers will really benefit from your labors.