There are plenty of resources for code snippets and quick-and-dirty ways to accomplish all sorts of things in JavaScript. Back before AJAX achieved any sort of prominence, they were all form validators, alert systems, calculators and the like. Now that AJAX has hit the “Web 2.0″ scene in a big way, (in large part typifying the “Web 2.0″ application interface) more and more users are clamoring for ways to add those cheeky interface elements that they see on Flickr and elsewhere to their own attempts at the web.

We make pretty heavy use of YUI and occasional use of Prototype and Scriptaculous, all various forms of JavaScript frameworks/libraries that save us time and effort by packaging up neat effect calls and components into easily digestible chunks, while making the JS we write sane again.

The script samples here don’t do any of that cool stuff but they provide a quick and dirty starting point with some nice guidance to get in there and start AJAXing your site.

Worth a look, at least, but perhaps only if you have *some* familiarity with JavaScript basics. No? Alright, dive right in. Just be sure to test across browsers. via Lifehacker

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