Bob E: lorenzo, there were also some validation lang keys missing for image upload validation stuff, so if you can add those too that would be good
Lorenzo P: not possible
Lorenzo P: can’t be done
Lorenzo P: not enough mana.
David B: tough break, bob
Bob E: not really, now that i know he is out of mana i’m going to attack
Lorenzo P: I’m obviously a barbarian you FOOL!
Lorenzo P: should I auto login users on activation while I’m at it?
Bob E: sure
We use Skype for inter-office communication a lot. We’ve found it a nice tool for building chat rooms for specific projects, to keep things separated and clean; we can invite clients to discuss things throughout the day, and file sharing is simplified. I’ll save my critiques for Skype’s complete inane shortcomings across basically every platform for another post, but suffice to say, occasionally we have exchanges like the one above.
Please remember to ensure an adequate mana supply for your developers at all times.

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