Newest member to the Synapse Studios team

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added a new programmer, Brandon Ching, to our company. This will be his first full week (he actually started last Thursday). He recently relocated from California to pursue his PhD at Arizona State University. I’ll leave it to Brandon to tell you more about himself in his introduction posting.

We look forward to adding Brandon’s expertise to our group and are excited for his input on our various projects. We currently have him working on a few of our e-commerce client websites that we will be migrating from various platforms onto the Magento e-commerce solution.

On behalf of everyone at Synapse Studios, welcome Brandon!

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Meet Bob Eagan: Managing Partner

My name is Bob Eagan and I am one of the owners of this little web company we call Synapse Studios. Since starting this venture back in 2003 I have seen my involvement in writing code diminish as I moved more and more into the project manager role.

My primary contributions to the blog will likely come in the form of advice about how we have overcome the problems, obstacles and hurdles that face most start-ups. We have made our share of mistakes along the way but all in all, we continue moving forward each year. This one is working on being the best yet.

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Meet Chris Cardinal: Managing Partner

My name’s Chris Cardinal and I’ll be the primary editor of the Synapse Studios Blog, and likely its most active contributor.

We’re a web development company based in Mesa, Arizona. We’re all passionate lovers of technology and everything web and we’ll be using this space to talk about the coolest stuff we’ve found on Digg, the challenges we’ve had to overcome and some of the ridiculously technical things our programmers have accomplished.

We’re still finalizing our layout and formatting of the blog itself, so some things may change but take a second to add us to your feed reader. (If you don’t have one, consider checking out Feed Demon or Google Reader.)

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Synapse Studios Announces Blog

We are proud to announce that we are re-opening our blog in order to provide company news and technical updates relevant to the area of custom web application development. We had previously had to suspend it due to time constraints with all of the projects we had taken on but this month we have taken on a few new members of the staff and will be quickly filling pages upon pages with useful information.

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