My name is Ryan Scott, I’m a junior Computer Science major at Arizona State University and Synapse Studio’s newest intern. I’m currently learning everything I thought I knew in the world of coding was wrong, and that a semi-intelligent monkey with thirty minutes of spare time could destroy all the data saved in the MySQL databases of my pet project Nayrpg. I’m doing some basic grunt work at the moment while I work to iron out my first pseudo project that will gauge my ability to learn PHP and MySQL.

I love video games, food and my girlfriend, Jenny. In the virtual world, I lead the Moogle Mafia which is a giant (hundreds of people-strong) guild of video game fanatics whose purpose is to train new players in the games we play in. I enjoy browser-based strategy games as well as online MMOs. (Yes, I play WoW, and lead my guild of 157 players.)

I love leading and I love having to use my brain. Strategy and optimization are my two biggest strengths. Hand-eye coordination and writing intelligibly by hand are my two biggest weaknesses. I despise exercise of any sort, with the possible exception of DDR which I do my best to convince myself is actually just a video game and the exercise part is just an unforeseen bug in the original programming (which they will eventually correct in the next patch).

My past programming experience was rather limited. While fluent in HTML, my PHP is entirely self-taught and all I know of MySQL was learned through a combination of trial and error and Google!

I am widely known for being the tallest, skinniest, public transportation user in Tempe. (Yes, I am car-less, relying on Tempe’s infamous busing system to get me where I need to go.) Weighing in at 150lbs and standing 6’6″ tall, I am easily spotted in any crowd by the bright green mushroom hat I wear everywhere I go. To date, there are actually only a tiny handful of people in the world who have ever seen me without it.

When given the opportunity, I will ramble endlessly about anything, as I seem to be doing at the moment. So… I… should probably… stop.

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