Previously, we discussed a WordPress bug and our temporary workaround for it. I am glad to say that we have identified the root of the problem and have been able to come up with a better solution. Apparently WordPress’ auto-save function is not a fan of a character set of anything other than UTF-8. We had changed it through the administration interface via Settings -> Reading to be ISO-8859-1. When we changed it back, it seems that posting works happily again without the truncating issue that was happening before.

This would seem like a fairly large problem and I am very surprised that it hasn’t been identified and resolved before now. After we tracked down the cause of the problem, I ran a quick search and was able to turn up this topic covering the same problem on an older version of WordPress. Seeing that this problem existed in at least version 2.3.2, I can’t fathom why it didn’t make the cut for things to fix for the 2.5 release.

At any rate, I sincerely hope that this is something that is addressed in the very near future so that we can switch back to the ISO character set.

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