Browsing through my Google reader today, I came across this article. Apparently, today’s over-sexed, disease-proliferating, premarital-pregnancy-crazed teenage population is in need of the services of a teen dating site.

While I attempt to refrain from a violent outburst of profanity-laced verbiage, let me highlight some of the finer points of this site (please remember that this site is marketed towards teens…from 0-18), after the jump:

  1. Owned and operated by an 18-year-old out of Australia who recently (June 2008) purchased the site for $10,000 (A. The kid looks like a sleazier version of Joseph Francis, which is pretty hard to do, and B. How in the hell does an 18-year-old get $10,000 to buy what’s essentially a kiddy porn site? But I digress…)
  2. At least 1/4 of the members are 16 or under (1/4 of the members from the UK match this criteria so it can probably be generalized.)
  3. Many of the members are pictured in swim suits and or sleeping clothes/underwear.
  4. The “Most Popular Profile” has pictures of what appears to be an underage girl posing in her underwear and in a number of provocative positions.
  5. Has banner ads like, “Is your love cheating on you?” and, an adult “dating” social networking site (read: anonymous sex advertising.)
  6. The majority of the comments on member profiles are even less intelligent than the average MySpace comment: “omg soo hot”, “omg u have a great arse” and my personal favorite, “ill f*** u from behind.”
  7. It appears that there is a point ranking system involved with this site…and I’ll let you guess what types of profiles have the highest points. Here’s a hint, the less clothing there is, the higher the points.

OK, I think I’ve held my rage long enough. Why in the hell is this site still up? Do we really need more provocation for our kids to be exploited and brainwashed into thinking that sexuality is a joke? Why in God’s name is a site with 13-year-old girls lifting their shirts up and exposing their midsections, etc, in their main profile photo? Not only is this a pedophile’s dream treasure chest, but it seriously exploits our youth. It forces them to grow up too fast by imposing screwed up adult standards of social acceptance onto young individuals who, in all likelihood, lack the intellectual competence to truly understand their actions.

Now, I’ll be the first to advocate for the freedom of speech. But this shit is not free speech, this is exploitation. The day that a 13-year-old voluntarily posing in a thong with a “quiz” question of, “would you f*ck me” becomes free speech, someone shoot me because I do not want to live in a society where behavior like that has become acceptable. For the love of all that is sacred (which apparently is not much anymore), this site needs to be taken down.

But enough about blaming the site and the brainless youth who use it…where the hell are the parents? If my mom ever caught me doing half the shit I’ve seen on this site in just the last 10 minutes she’d have slapped the silly right out of me—and I’m a guy. Why aren’t these kid’s parents doing that? Are they that clueless? Unfortunately, they probably are. I understand that technology is hard to grasp as you get older, but if you want to be a good parent, you better step up and learn EXACTLY what it is your kids are doing. Otherwise you are failing society and, most importantly, you are failing your kids.

For all the great things that the Internet has brought, enabling child exploitation should never be one of them. Kids will be kids, but in order for them to become productive and successful members of society, they must be guided that way. As professionals in the IT field, we need to stand up and take action when the very thing we love and work with everyday begins to turn bad. And I’m not talking about wrongs like copyright violations, morally questionable content (racism, etc), or censorship, and the like. I’m talking about universal wrongs like child exploitation and the social corruption of children. These are things that nobody can ignore, least of all us. So please, take a moment to report to one of the following watchdog sites:

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