Ok, so maybe not popsicle sticks, rather magnesium and carbon fiber. Anywho, this prototype is slated for production by 2010..which is quite soon. As always, I am all for getting off our dependency on fossil fuels but I don’t think that ultra efficient cars and alternative fuel sources are going to help all that much.

Yes, they are steps in the right direction but I think that the big change we need will not happen until the American people change their minds about the concept of excess and greed.


Our grandparents had the right idea..save money and make do with what you have. They did not do this because they were taught to, they just didn’t have much choice in the matter. Wealth was scarce and our pre-WWII economy was about as productive as pissing into the wind. Thus, our grandparents learned form the school of the hard knocks that excess and greed had no place in the American family unit. Both were counterproductive from a moral and economic perspective.

However, after WWII, the American people (and more specifically, the young parents of the Baby Boomer generation) were given new opportunities to participate in the economic booster shot that typically accompanies a war (unless it needlessly drags on for years a the behest of incompetent and self interested political leadership…oops…did I say that out loud?). From this stemmed the popularization of consumer credit and a “bigger/more is better” mentality. People could have whatever they wanted, all they had to do was say, “I’ll pay you back later.” This created a disassociation with the pleasure and pain principals that should always accompany life decisions. From this grew what I call a “social penis envy,” condition where you always had to one-up the Jonse’s. This, in combination with the carefree, expand or die mentality of private businesses and corporations has contributed to the dangerous political, environmental, and geopolitical quagmires that the world wrestles with everyday.

Thus, in order for the American people to truly benefit from the few technological advances in energy conservation, we must first relearn the ways of our grandparents and agree that “less is more” and maybe..just maybe..the welfare of individuals should come before the economic welfare of businesses and corporations.


Well I feel better…back to the cool car. Sign me up!! I’m sure myself, plus the 5 other Americans that will actually buy this car in hopes of weening our selves off the collective crack like addiction that our country has on fossil fuels, will feel better as we roll onto the freeway only to have a 4 ton V8 tuck blow past us and lift our 100lb vehicle back off the highway.

VW’s 235 MPG Car | Inhabitat

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