Ever since we made the switch from hosting our own mail servers to using Google Apps for Domain, one of the Firefox extensions that I use on a daily basis is Gmail Manager. It allows me to easily view the inboxes for various email accounts that I monitor and gives me the ability to quickly launch any of those accounts into a new tab. The only problem is that the extension author hasn’t made any updates to it since 2007. While this wouldn’t normally be too big of a problem, Google in their infinite wisdom has decided to rename the username and password login inputs.

The result of the name change by Google caused the extension to stop retrieving email and auto-logging me in to the accounts. It wasn’t until I got suspicious of the fact that it didn’t appear that anyone was emailing me for a few hours that I decided to manually log in and investigate. Once I determined that the extension had broken, I went to work trying to track down an updated version or a quick fix to get it back in action. What I found was a forum for the extension with over 100 pages of messages in it.

On page 101 of that forum thread there was the answer I was looking for: editing two of the extension’s javascript files would solve the problem. The first thing you have to do is track down the extension’s folder on your computer. With Windows Vista it is located under your user directory at AppData\Romaing\Mozilla\Firefox\Profil(YMMV)es\{your profile here}\extensions\

After sifting through the random string-named extension directory to find the one for GManager, you need to make the change to the following file:
{path to GManager extension}\components\gmServiceGmail.js
Line 111-112 has references to &userName =and &password= fields
which have been renamed to &Email= and &Passwd= respectively.
Similarly, you will have to unpack the gmanager.jar file located in the {path to GManager extension}\chrome\ directory. Inside there, you will have to edit content/utils.js to replace 2 other instances where the userName and password fields are referenced (there are actually 3 references but one of them is commented out). You will have to shut down FireFox completely before you can access the jar file. After you make the changes, re-add the file to the jar and when you start up FireFox your email manager should be happily working once again.

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