Better Group (And Personal) Password Management with KeePass & Dropbox

As a web development firm, we frequently have to manage passwords and other credentials for multiple clients and their projects. This includes everything from SFTP and SSH information, database passwords, DNS managers, domain registrars, and everything else under the sun. We’ve moved to a policy of good password practice across the board at the urging of common sense, and one of our former developers, Alan Hogan. (Our previous system was not sharable, and wrought with other shortcomings.)

We needed a password system that was secure but which would allow us to share client passwords across our team, while ensuring limited access within the organization, and unique, complex passwords every single time. We ended up making use of the wonderful KeePass tool, synced through Dropbox.

KeePass is a wonderful password manager (though not as much for Mac or Linux users, for reasons I’ll get to) in general. And it has some pretty great features, some unique to KeePass, others relatively standard fare:

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10 Ways to Ensure Your Data is Safe From the Feds

News that our US Customs agents can stop and look through a person’s laptop and digital devices when they enter the country happened to hit me very late. Only yesterday did I actually read an article explaining this gross violation of privacy; US citizen or not. While I would love to go off on the legal, constitutional, and ethical shortcomings of a policy such as this, I promised my editors (read: bosses) I would try to provide a bit more of an upside with my rants, instead of just straight ranting.

Thus I am here today to offer a few recommendations for those of us that still believe in the right to individual privacy. (And a few that might get you into trouble on your next time at the airport.)

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