Google’s AJAX-powered Search Results Break Keyword Tracking


Our beloved web analytics tool Clicky blogged about a pretty crucial SEO & analytics issue today: Google is rolling people over to a new AJAX-powered search, that pushes query strings AFTER a hash mark. So:’s+my+referrer becomes:’s+my+referrer

The problem with this is that browsers don’t send anything after the hash mark (this thing: #) in their referrer string, since they’re used for named anchors. Since analytic tools use the referrer string to parse search keywords, this breaks that functionality for anyone on the “new” Google. Nightmare. It’s as if they’re effectively “commenting out” the rest of the query string from the referrer string–dark pool, that. Learn more about the ramifications here after the jump.

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Web Analytics/Hit Tracking Done Right With Clicky

Get Clicky! We’ve been using the popular and free Google Analytics hit statistics/analytics package for some time now, but we wanted something more. Google Analytics doesn’t allow you to track an individual visitor’s progress through the site. Determining when your users exit and how is important and not having this feature was frustrating.

Enter Clicky. Clicky is an amazing tool with a clean, simple interface that lets us track our users in real-time, including their location, browser resolution, OS and all the other goodies you’d expect. It’s also free, though they have a premium option for managing multiple sites and with a few additional features tacked on.

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