The stats come from Clicky’s API and then are pushed into Open Flash Chart.  Rounding may cause the total to not be out of exactly 100%.  We are currently pulling the percentage rather than the actual number and combining anyone below 1% into the “Other” group.  Colors are generated randomly and may match closely to another until a more permanent solution is chosen for picking the color scheme for the slices. Per the limitations of Clicky’s API, only 31 days worth of data is being calculated at a time (the most recent 31 days in our case).  We could make multiple API calls and sum the values if we really needed more historic information or the better solution of storing the data to our own database tables and making the API calls a cron that runs to add new months/days/hours/whatever update frequency we want.  For now, we are caching the data to local files to save on calls to Clicky and updating the stats weekly.

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